Melanoma In Me

An Irish woman trying to find her way through the turmoil of a stage 4 diagnosis of MalignantMelanoma



This blog is written by me Kay an Irish Melanoma Patient, I have been a melanoma patient since 2004 in that time there have been many advances in treatment for melanoma giving great hope to patients where once there was none, but there are still way too many patients progressing to stage 4 like I did and when that happens the treatment options are tough and only usually to provide extra time not a cure. In this situation knowledge is vital, so I have set out on a mission to educate myself and also pass that information on to other patients. This is all science based factual I don’t believe there is a cure being withheld or a natural remedy that will remove Melanoma. Good information and good support are what’s vital when you find yourself in my position and I have been lucky enough to receive both. There is now a strong community of patients within Ireland and Europe and patients need never feel alone groups such as Melanoma Support Ireland and Melanomamates on Facebook and for information and support have been invaluable to me. I have no idea how my story will unfold so I have tried to keep a record on here of my activities so it’s a mix of information and personal musings I hope you enjoy it and it helps in some way to make things more understandable please give me your feedback or leave a comment on the posts. You might even like to press the follow blog button which would be great everyone is welcome here 😀